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Frasin Bukovina

Like human beings, Bukovina, proud flower of Romanian land has its charm and personality, even a unique scent, a taste and discretion which displays from the first contact with man the beauty of nature, culture and faith.

Bukovina is the place where you are most close to nature. The place where a simple Good beauty rules. Here your look is lost between the drops of dew from grass, the pure blue sky, the mountains and wide forests. Here in the heart of Bukovina smells of the sun, of rain and hay just mown.

People of Bukovina are hardworking and honest. They talk calm and watch you bravely in the eyes with their eyes, many of a celestial blue.
They offer you real dishes, from old recipes, but better than anything else than you tasted before. Steaming Tocinei with fresh cream, Bulz with sheep cheese, soup with ştevie and other vegetables and a little natural drink. All are natural, fresh produced in the house.

Pensiunea Daiana - Frasin Bucovina

Pensiunea Daiana is located in the heart of Bukovina at 43 Km from the town of Suceava, on the route Dn17 Suceava - Gura Humorului - Frasin in a picturesque place.
Pensiunea Daiana represents excellence and sophistication in interior decorations and facilities aimed at the guests comfort.

• From Bucharest to Suceava: 5:40 h (E85)
• From Suceava to Pensiunea Daiana: 43 km - 0:30 h
  (Dn17 Suceava - Gura Humorului - Frasin)

Offer 2009 Double room Apartment
1 sep. - 20 dec. 22 Euro 35 Euro
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